Jonker Walk - A Heritage Street

A visit to Malaysia without visiting Melaka would be incomplete for sure and visiting Melaka without visiting its Jonker Street would be totally insane! This article attempts to give idea to the future visitors about the background and ambiance of this living cultural museum!

In the heart of Melaka is a long narrow five hundred meter street flanked by old houses dating back to 17th century. It was merely a row of shacks when it started on the Western bank of Melaka River. The servants and subordinates of Dutch masters used to live at nearby Heeren Street. However, as soon as Dutch left, it became noblemen's street! Rich Babas and Bibiks started to live and trade here giving the street a deep-rooted ethnic and cultural flavor. Now officially named as Jalan Hang Jebat, it is popularly known as the Jonker Walk. Due to availability of collectible items dating back to medieval times at many shops, it is also referred as the Antique Street. Due to Chinese influences, its also referred as the China Town of Melaka. During Dutch Period, it was known as rich men's street as rich Baba Nyonya had by that time established their businesses here! Read more here

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